Boeing Drafting Manual download

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Boeing Drafting Manual

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You can either purchase and reference existing standards, or you can reinvent the wheel. I think your comany would be better off if they stuck to the published standards for your industry and geographical region. As far as examples, I think an infamous drafting standard handbook was from GE (perhaps Boeing), it was about 7-inches thick last version I saw. 'Art without engineering is dreaming; Engineering without art is calculating.' Roberts, Technomad Have you read to make the best use of Eng-Tips Forums?

download Onity Key Card Maker Manual. RE: Drafting Stadards Manual (Mechanical) 28 Aug 06 15:09. This is part of my job so whilst not a comprehensive list try: Start out by looking at the industry/national standards relevant to where you are/what you do. If you are in the US I'd look at ASME Y14.100 and Y14.5M for starters (if you do MBD try 14.41 I think it is too). They in turn reference a number of other standards. Initially I'd look at your drafting standards manual drawing attention to these specs and maybe clarifying/amplifying any especially relevant points, especially as to how they are to be implemented. There are commercially available manuals, usually a copy of a large corporations manual. download free 43ap Pneumatic Controller Calibration Manual. For instance Genium has a manual based on the GE manual I believe.