Damon Challenger Rv Owners Manual download

Posted By admin On 06/08/18

Damon Challenger RV Reviews by owners. Iam 77 years old and have had several motor homes,but this challenger is by far the best to drive and handle.it is 37.7 ft long but you hardly know. Need to know how to get an owner’s manual for a 91’ Damon Challenger motorhome? Nikon D200 Instruction Manual download. Find out here.

Damon Challenger Rv Owners Manual

Adsit wrote: >>-- >Beware of anything made by Damon Corporation of Elkhart, Ind. They are >selling extremely unsafe vehicles that not even be allowed on the road. 2015 Seadoo Gtx 4 Tec Manual download.

>Some are several thousand pounds over the GVWR of the chassis. Let the >buyer beware. >-- That statment border's on the libelous, would you care to be more specific? Surely not everything they make is unsafe. They are after all the 4th largest manufacturer in the industry. Is is possible the dealer misrepresented the product??

Adsit, 0:00 น. On 24 Dec 1996 01:26:12 GMT, 'John R. Adsit' wrote: John, I have a 96 32.5 ft Intruder by Damon. I had my rig weighed after I loaded with fuel, water, lp, food and what I intended to carry. The weighing was performed by Certified Automated Truck Scale Company (CAT) My front axle was 5310, my drive axle was 8500 and my gross weight was 13,810. My rig is on a Chevrolet chassis and according to the book, my GVWR should not exceed 14,800 and My GCWR should not exceed 17,000. When towing my Saturn, I am still be below the recommended GCWR.

I was 10 pounds overweight on the front axle and well below limits overall. Jokingly, I told the wife she couldn't sit in the front any more, until one of us lost 10 lbs. At first I was afraid to get the rig weighed after hearing many stories about rigs being overweight from the factory. I'm not sweating 10 lbs and now have peace of mind.