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1988 Mariner 150 Outboard

MERCURY SEARCHES: Powerhead Disassembly Cylinder Block 1. Remove 3 bolts and remove intake manifold/reed block. A - Bolts b - Intake manifold/reed block IMPORTANT: Reed block can be inspected without disassembling. Refer to Cleaning and Inspection, following. If inspection of reed block indicates that replacement of a part is necessary, disassemble reed block as outlined. If necessary, disassemble reed block as follows: a. Pull ends of rubber seal from holes in intake manifold/reed block.

Remove 6 screws and separate reed stops and reeds. A - Rubber seal b - Screws c - Reed stop d - Reeds 3. Remove 2 bolts and remove thermostat cover. Remove thermostat (if equipped). Remove 6 bolts and remove cylinder block cover. A - Bolts (2) b - Cover c - Bolts d - Cover e - Thermostat (if equipped) 6.

Remove 10 bolts and separate exhaust cover and exhaust manifold from cylinder block. NOTE: If engine is suspected of having been overheated or spark plugs are grayish colored (a sign of possible water intrusion), inspect exhaust manifold for warpage or for proper placement and integrity of gaskets which mayl allow water to enter cylinders through exhaust ports.

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Description This printed and bound paper 1990 1991 1992 1993 Mercury 3-275hp Outboard Boat Engine Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1990-1993 Mercury 3-275hp outboard boat engines including 3 hp, 3.3 hp, 4 hp, 5 hp, 8 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp, 20 hp, 25 hp, 40 hp, 50 hp, 60 hp, 75 hp, 90 hp, 100 hp, 115 hp, 135 hp, 150 hp, 150XR4, 150XR6, 150XRi, 175 hp, 175XRi, 200 hp, 200XRi, 250 hp, and 275 horesepower motors. This repair manual includes general information for each Mercury outboard engine, tools and techniques, troubleshooting, lubrication, maintenance and tune-up, timing, synchronizing and adjusting, fuel system, ignition and electrical systems, power head, lower unit gear housing, power trim and tilt systems, oil injection system, manual rewind starter and complete wiring diagrams. Features 640 illustrated pages.