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Posted By admin On 15/08/18
Ecs Ht2000 Motherboard Manual Pdf

MCP61SM-AM front panel connector MCP61SM-AM front panel connector The MCP61SM-AM (and its relative the MCP61PM-AM) is a Foxconn / ECS motherboard which is used in various Gateway, Acer, Packard Bell and the like PCs. It supports Socket AM2 processors and DDR2 RAM. There is nothing particularly outstanding about it (it is rumoured to be able to take 125W AM3 CPUs without blowing up, but I don't know if they run at full speed or even if it is true at all), but equally there is nothing particularly shit about it and it is a perfectly competent motherboard for a boggo domestic PC. Because of this, and because of the large number of 'different' PCs it was used in, there seem to be a lot of them about. People get hold of them second hand and put them into their own cases. They then go on the internet to try and find out what the pinout of the front panel connector is. Kymco Uxv 500 2018 Service Manual download free there.

I have spent hours looking for a motherboard manual for the HT2000 with pci-E slot.and 4 ram slots.someone please help! HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications. Manufacturer's motherboard name: ECS MCP61PM-HM. download free Toyota 3t Workshop Manual. HP/Compaq name: Nettle. 2006 Fleetwood Fiesta Owners Manual download. Damage to the motherboard can.

Everything else about the board is standard and/or labelled so there is no confusion. The front panel connector, however, is not labelled at all. This wouldn't be a problem if there were manuals available. Unfortunately there are not. There are several widely-quoted links to the Foxconn, Gateway, Acer etc. Websites which purport to refer to manuals available for download, but none of them fucking work. Whether this is because the manuals are no longer on those websites at all, or just that the websites are run by the all-too-common variety of cunts who insist on making any link into the site from outside redirect to the front page, I don't know, and in most cases the website's search function to find such manuals doesn't fucking work either so I can't find out.