download free Hydrovane 2000 Manual

Posted By admin On 18/08/18

Designed to meet the most rigorous of demand, the 5, 7 & 8 Series Hydrovane is a compact and very quiet. They can be used at point of. Hydrovane HV04-45 User Manual by stork955. Hydrovane HV04-45 User. The following maintenance charts cover all compressors using Hydrovane Fluid Force Red 2000.1).

Hydrovane 2000 Compressor Manual

Product Specs Make: CompAir Hydrovane Model: 88 PUAS Serial: 088-000416/A Voltage: 230/460v 3 Phase Horsepower: 20 Equipment Type: Rotary Vane Air Compressor Hours: 47,759 Capabilities Maximum CFM: 85 Working Pressure: 100 PSIG Noise: 82 dBA Product Features Rated for continuous duty. download free 2003 Nissan Pathfinder Factory Workshop Manual on this page. Direct drive means less moving parts and long lasting vane life. Has thermistor shut down, over temp protection, and an integrated aftercooler. Oil is circulated using differential pressure, no oil pump is needed. Includes a full voltage magnetic starter. We have one of these great classic 20 HP Hydrovane compressors in stock.

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