download free Stihl Fs55 Manual

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download Mikasa Plate Compactor Manual torrent. I am a Stihl mechanic. We tell all our customers that the proper starting procedure for a Stihl is as follows. Turn on the switch. Set the choke lever to full choke. Prime the primer bulb three times(if it has one) and pull the pull rope NO MORE THAN THREE TIMES with the choke on. If the unit has not tried to start after the third pull, open the choke lever and pull till it starts. Sthil carburetors are notorious for flooding after pulling the rope more than three times on choke.

Thanks; George Oct 08, 2013 . The Stihl FS45 has a particular way of getting started as do all the stihl products. We sell Stihl equipment in our store and service and repair them also. download Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals Solution Manual torrent. The normal starting procedure is to: Be sure the switch is turned to the ON position which is the negitive sign (-). The (O) is the off position.

Stihl Fs55 Manual

Press the primer bulb 3 times. Move the choke lever to on. Pull the starter cord three times only.