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Posted By admin On 01/05/18
Gravely Promaster 300 Spindle

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Ebay Gravely Promaster 300 with 1200hrs. 25HP Kohler command engine and 60' cutting deck.

OK, last gravely I was looking at I passed. I am now looking at a 1994 Promaster 300 with 60' deck and Kohler Magnum 20 HP. Clean unit, second owner, both residential unit, but it has 2700 hours. Has anyone ever put a bagger or grass collector on one of those? Second machine is a JD F525 with a power flow bagger.

It is a 1992 and unknown hours. Clean, but not as clean as the Gravely.

Both are right at 1500. I know the F525 is a good machine, but it does have its quirks. I know nothing about the Promaster other than the Gravely reputation and the Commercial 12 and big Gravely tractor I used years ago. Is the Kohler a good engine with life left in it?

I know the Kawi in the JD has the funky transmission attached to it. Is either unit way overpriced?

I value any input. I have 2.5 acres. download Bmw 323i 2016 Radio Manual torrent more. I mow most of it with my 72' MMM on a JD 855 but there are a lot of times when I need the deck off the tractor and would like to have something capable of handling mowing when that is the case. Also need something to get closer to trees and such. I would like the option of a bagger that is easy to install and remove. Engine life has more to do with maintenance and how hard it was taxed over those 2700 hours than anything else. Of course the type and quality of cast iron used also plays into engine life.