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Instruction manual for induction cooker. Castor Turbo 21 Strimmer Manual download. User can select among the different cooking modes according to cooking purpose. For your convenience, we.

Induction Cooker Price In India

Specifications: Rena Ware model number: IC-350 Voltage: 220 Volt unit Single phase: 230v/50/60 Hz Power consumption: 1800 watts Power range: 120-1800 watts Dimensions: L 37.5cm, W 32cm, H 6.5cm (L 14.75”, W 12.5”, H 2.5”) Weight: 2.8 kg (6lb 3oz) Cord length: 1.8 m (4.2 ft.) Safety features: In line fuse (250V/14A), overheat sensor, temperature thermostat, small object detector, over voltage sensor Temperature Settings: 5 temperature settings, plus a warm setting. Warm, (1) Low, (2) Medium low, (3) Medium, (4) Medium high, (5) High Surface: Ceramic Glass Plate Touch screen control Panel Coil: Copper Coil Ventilation: Cool Air Intake and Warm Air Exhaust cooling fan Auto Shut off: when overheat, after turn off & cool down, after a selected amount of time (up to 199 minutes).

Warranty: 1 year, lifetime services Benefits of Induction Cooking • What’s different? - The source of “heat” is magnetic induction that causes the utensil to heat-up directly, rather than the cooking surface. 2018 Yamaha Road Star Silverado Owners Manual download free.

• Because magnetic induction causes the utensil to become the heat source, it does not heat the air around the utensil the way conventional heat sources do - so your kitchen stays cooler. • Heats much faster and more efficiently than a standard electric coil. The Rena Ware Induction Cooker can boil water twice as fast as a conventional electric coil of the same power, thereby using half the electricity. • Excellent control - heating levels adjust easily and quickly. You have the controllability of gas with the energy efficiency of induction. 2006 Fleetwood Fiesta Owners Manual download. • Light-weight and portable - goes with you from the kitchen to the dining room - great for entertaining!

How Induction Cooking Works? Your Rena Ware Induction Cooker works by generating a magnetic field. download free Yamaha Virago 920 Service Manual there. When an induction compatible cooking utensil is placed in this magnetic field, the field transfers its energy into the utensil causing it to heat.