download Renault Clio 3 Gpl Manual

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Renault Clio Specs

Renault Clio: Fuses Renault Clio Owners Manual. Renault Clio / Renault Clio Owners Manual / Practical advice / Fuses. Fuses in passenger compartment A.

• Brief overview - Tyre pressures... download free Ponsse Ergo Manual on this page. 0.04 - Adjusting the seats and the driver's position. 1.10 1.12 - Child restraint devices..1.21 1.29 - Warning lights...

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Technical specifications.. Alphabetical index..0.03. • TYRE INFLATION PRESSURES WHEN COLD (in bar or kg/cm² when cold) Versions 1.2 16V 1.4 8V 1.4 16V 1.6 16V 1.5 dCi Tyre sizes 175/65R14 175/65R14 175/70R13 175/65R14 185/60R14 175/55R14 175/70R13 185/60R14 175/65R14 185/60R14 Normal use - Front - Rear Full load - Front - Rear. • Tyre inflation pressures when cold (in bar or kg/cm² when cold) Tyre safety and use of chains Refer to the information on tyres in Section 5 for maintenance information and, depending on the version, the conditions under which snow chains may be fitted to the vehicle. (1) Special characteristic of vehicles which are fully laden (maximum permissible all-up weight) and towing a trailer: the maximum speed must be restricted to 60 mph (100 km/h) and the tyre pressure increased by 0.2 bar.