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LIETZ DT5 ELECTRONIC THEODOLITE • Quality Japanese 30x optics• All-metal construction• Large dual LCD and keypad• 5' display/5'accuracy• degrees or percent of grade readout available for the vertical angle• Easy 0-set and hold-release of horizontal angle• Built in display and reticle illumination• RS232C data interface• Detachable tribrach• Powered by (4) AA batteries.• EDM telescope mount installed It wasn't that long ago that instrument manufacturers were more concerned with delivering features than cutting corners to make the sales price as low as possible. Navy Abh Manual download. This Lietz (Sokkia) DT5 electronic theodolite, which is in very clean cosmetic and excellent operating condition, delivers much more precision and utility than any affordable unit being offered today. Large (dual!) LCDs read out the angles to 5'; the tribrach is detachable; the telescope has quality Japanese 30X optics; degrees or percent of grade readout available for the vertical angle; easy zero reset of horizontal angle; built in reticle illumination; AND an RS232C port downloads readings to an SDR electronic fieldbook or connects with a REDline EDM! The DT5 comes complete with the case, battery cassette, carrying handle, and a photocopy of the original owners manual. It has been completely serviced and calibrated, and is ready to go to work. You can own this truly fine instrument for just.SOLD!!

Sokkisha Theodolite Dt5 Manual

MANUALS FOR NIKON, ZEISS, KERN, WILD, TOPCON. The original manual is offered. Sokkisha Theodolite TM10C with MIL graduations. Sokkisha TM 20 C Manual? Put 'Lietz/Sokkisha manuals' in the subject line so I. The TM20C is pretty much the same as any micrometer theodolite.

So, through almost no fault of my own (other than me buying it 🙂 ), I'm now the owner of a Leitz-Sokkisha TM20C (including a Red1A distance meter). I'm guessing it will work as a rather large paperweight, and to watch the birds and occaisional sea lion outside my office window. Don't laugh - it was a donation to a good cause. Trouble is, it doesn't come with a manual, and I haven't been able to find a free one online thus far. download D179 Engine Parts Manual torrent more. I did find one available for $17, but I'd prefer to try my hand at finding a free electronic copy first, for obvious reasons. That said, does anyone know where I could go to find one? I've tried google books, and general searches through a couple of search engines, but no luck. download Freja 300 User Manual. download free Atv Repair Manual more.