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Steris Century Autoclave

How the AMSCO LS Series Steam Sterilizer Works Each sterilizer is designed to process loads at temperatures ranging from 110C to 141C. Pre-Vacuum gravity or liquid cycles can be selected by the user. Parameters are user programmable.

Medium Steam Sterilizers. STERIS Medium Steam Sterilizers are designed for sterilization of heat and moisture-stable materials used in healthcare facilities and scientific applications. Pre-vac Amsco / Century V116 Steam Sterilizers are designed for fast, efficient sterilization of heat and water-resistant materials with the same capabilities as a gravity sterilizer. download free 2017 Suzuki S40 Owner Manual. The V116 pre-vacuum sterilizer is equipped with pre-vac, gravity, flash, express, leak test, and daily air removal test cycles.

Why AMSCO LS Series Steam Sterilizers? • Flexibility – Provides standard cycles, such prevacuum, liquid and gravity, but also a new lab waste cycle. The sterilizer can also be configured for BSL3+ or BSL4 applications. • Sustainability – New STERI-Green® and STERI-Green Plus® water conservation systems and other energy saving options • Easy to use – Easy to program control, with full flexibility for basic and advanced lab applications. • Reliable – ASME/PED certified 15 year warranty on the pressure vessel, 2 year warranty on the door gasket and 1 year warranty on the entire sterilizer.

3hm35f Manual download free there. AMSCO ® 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers are engineered to be fully compliant with current steam sterilization standards. The 20 x 20 sterilizer is validated to accommodate a maximum of three 25-lb sets (up to 75 lbs) per load, and the 16-inch models can sterilize two 25-lb sets (up to 50 lbs per cycle), per AAMI guidance for processing weights. They also accommodate loaner sets and larger bariatric and orthopedic devices. Also, the AMSCO 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers prevacuum and steam-flush-pressure-pulse (SFPP) cycles have been validated, per AAMI recommendation, for porous items.