Ej25 Engine Manual download

Posted By admin On 02/07/18
Ej25 Engine Manual

download free Hinowa Dm 15 Manual. An increasingly popular upgrade is installing a Version 8, 2.5 liter STI engine into the WRX. The increased displacement and stroke really goes a long way to making a tolerable 400+ WHP daily driver but this conversion requires a few changes in order to use the WRX ecu. The following information is accurate to the best of our knowledge and should only be used as a guide. download 2004 Nissan Maxima Factory Service Manual torrent. Always consult a professional or the Subaru service manual when questions arise.

Home Subaru EJ205/EJ207/EJ20G Engine. For manual transmission the engine was equipped with TD05. EJ25 Engine; EZ30 Engine.

Use this information at your own risk. Why install the entire engine instead of just the Version 8, 2.5 STI short block with the WRX heads? The V8, 2.5 engine’s demand for air is greater due to the larger bore and higher piston speeds found in the longer stroke engine. Subaru’s V8 STI heads have larger valves, higher lift and longer duration cams, as compared to the WRX. The stock WRX heads will bolt up but they don’t work very well unless better cams are installed and or you have a reputable engine builder perform some head work. The other reason is the option to run the variable cam timing system of the STI.