Flymo Maxi Trim 430 User Manual download

Posted By admin On 16/05/18
Flymo Maxi Trim 430 User Manual

Removing old fuel line/disassembly • Empty petrol tank • Use a hooked/bent piece of wire or similar to get fuel line and filter out of petrol tank filler hole • Remove fuel filter from end of fuel line • Remove air filter housing • Remove choke control/ plate from carburettor • Ease old fuel line from carb. And clean inlet tube if necessary • Gently but firmly pull old fuel line through hole in base of tank Fitting new fuel line • the new fuel line has too big a diameter to fit through the hole in the base of the fuel tank. • To get round this I heated the end of the tube with a lit match (but a blow torch or gas ring would do) until it was soft enough to fashion into a point- take great care the plastic obviously gets very hot and could burn ***** flesh. download 94 Camaro Operating Manual torrent. The tapered end you form should be at least 1cm long. Harley Davidson Touring Models 2007 Owners Manual download free. Allow to cool • Trim off the end of the tapered point if necessary • My next problem was to get the tapered end through the tiny hole inside the fuel tank.

To help with this I took the innards out of a standard biro then put the fuel line through the empty tube with the tapered end projecting from where the ballpoint used to be. Push the tapered end through the hole inside the tank.(a torch was useful here to help see inside the tank) • Pull the fuel line through from below the tank until you have enough to push on to the fuel inlet on the carb. • Cut the tapered end off the tube and push onto the fuel inlet. • Cut the other end of the tube so there is enough length to reach all parts of the fuel tank. • Attach fuel filter and push it into petrol tank • Refit choke plate and air filter housing Feb 08, 2013 .