Hd Power Washer 1600 Manual download free

Posted By admin On 29/04/18
Hd Power Washer 1600 Manual

Basic Issues As an electric-powered washer, a circuit overload may cause your Husky 1600 to shut down or prevent it from starting. In this case, check your home's electrical service panel for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse -- the 1600 requires a dedicated circuit rated at a minimum of 15 amps. To prevent a blown fuse, avoid using other large devices on the same circuit as your washer.

Mounting bracket is designed for use with HD 1500 HSDS only. WARNING Consult local hardware professional for proper mounting fasteners. English The pressure washer is equipped with a stop device. WARNING WARNING: Risk of injury - Do not direct discharge stream at anyone. download Suzuki Splash Service Manual. 1600 PSI / 1.3 GPM ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER Read all safety rules and instructions carefully before operating this tool. OPERATOR’S MANUAL 51112. download free 2018 Scion Tc Technical Manual.

If you use an extension cord, it must be rated at 15 amps as well. Before moving on to more complex troubleshooting measures, check the gun safety trigger and release the lock if your 1600's trigger will not move. download Touareg 2017 V8 Owners Manual there.

Water Woes Releasing air from the pump serves as a simple fix for low-pressure water output; remove the wand and allow the washer to run as you depress the gun's trigger until the water output normalizes. If your water output seems to lack detergent, ensure that the clear tube is securely connected to the detergent nozzle. Likewise, check the connected water supply and make sure the faucet is fully open and that there are no kinks in the hose to ensure optimal pressure. Using a shorter garden hose makes for stronger pressure, as well -- Husky recommends a hose with a maximum length of 50 feet for a city water supply.

Clearing Clogs If your Husky 1600's pressure seems lacking or its water flow is obstructed, clean the nozzle by removing the wand from the gun, clearing the nozzle hole of obstructions with a stiff wire and flushing the nozzle with clean water. Similarly, clean the washer's inner water screen, located behind the garden hose connector, by removing the screen and flushing it with water. This also corrects low or irregular pressure and may remedy a unit that does not stop releasing water when the trigger is released.