John Deere 350 Sickle Mower Manual download free

Posted By admin On 07/08/18
350 John Deere Sickle Bar Mower Manual Pdf

Re: John Deere 9ft 350 Sickle Mower in reply to James Howell, 15:59:47 How is the needle bearing under the wobble arm? If that bearing is gone mow just fine but eat drive heads.

Depends on what shape it's in. When I paid $500 for my 9ft 350 mower I thought I'd done well. download Honda Internavi Manual on this page. Until the next year when I had to rebuild the 'wobble box'. That repair alone was over $500 in parts.

Had to replace all the knife sections, wear plates and hold downs this year. Another $200. If you can, listen to it run so you can pay close attention to the wobble box.

Listen for any hard knocking or grinding. Those things would indicate bearings failing. Honda Mtx 125 Parts Manual download free there. Check the knife sections, wear plates and hold downs for wear as well.

download Elna 6004 Instruction Manual torrent there. Hope this helps. Your tractor is plenty big for the JD350. I had a 9' 350 on a L2900 and it works okay; I would not want to use a smaller tractor, but your L39 is much larger.

The issue is not power, but weight. I now run the 9' on a Kubota B2400 with 18 pto hp and it does not even load the engine. But the heavy bar and wobble head are offset a foot or two beyond the right hand lift arm of your TPH and it takes the substantial tph of a 2,500 to 3,000 pound or more tractor to manage the offset weight. download free Tnc124 Service Manual. When I moved mine to the B2400 I built a frame that hooks to the rear axle housings and FEL brackets (like a backhoe frame) to hold the mower because the little B2400 tph was clearly too lightly built. I agree with Mark; the wobble head can be very expensive to repair. To check it out, let it run slowly while you pour lots of oil on the knife (the thing that holds the triangular cutters or 'sections') so they are quiet for a few seconds.