Lns Quick Load Servo S3 Manual download

Posted By admin On 20/07/18

Aug 12, 2014  The Quick Load Servo S3 T is a short automatic magazine bar feed (spindle length) for superior productivity. Bar stock diameters 1/4” - 4-3/4” (6 mm to 120 m.

Lns Quick Load Servo S3 Manual Pdf

Our shop has recently acquired two use Daewoo lathes. Both have Fanuc controls. They both also have LNS Quick Load barfeeders.

I am totally familiar with Hydrobar barfeeders but the quick loads are new to me. download Ontario Trappers Manual more. They are working just fine until the end of the bar. At end of bar the barfeeder will retract, ready the next bar in the top load position and wait for the collet open signal from the machine. What is suppose to happen next? Isn't the next bar suppose to load? If so how do I get the next bar to load itself? Should I have a call out for subroutine in all of my part programs?

2015 Suzuki Boulevard S40 650 Owners Manual download free on this page. Should I run these programs with the block skip function active until the machine is running the last part then deactivate the block skip causing the subroutine to run? If so what should the subroutine look like?

Is there something else entirely that is supposed to happen? Repeatedly reading the manuals doesn't seem to help so I leaving up to you guys. Your a bit vague on what model you have. Is it just a 'Quickload'? Or is possibly a 'Servo' or S2 or S3 and I think the S4 is out now.??? You should not be needing eny block skips.

Is your collet not opening? download 2018 Mercury 150 Max Motor Manual. Does the whole process stop there on it's own? Etq In1800i Generator Manual download free there. Or does the machine continue on and cut air? Either way - I am guessing that you have not entered your M code in the prog telling the control where in the prog to doo a load? Every machine could have a diff M code for this. But on one of mine it is M61. Where you put the code in the prog will depend on how it acts too.