Mott Flail Mower Manual download free

Posted By admin On 11/06/18
Mott Flail Mower Parts Manual

I picked up a flail mower tonight for $200. It appears to be a 6' cut.

I have NO clue what brand/model it is. There are NO tags/labels on it anywhere. I know it needs probably 2 new bearings for the main shaft (one is clearly bad), and will need some new knifes. Even in its current state, it cuts pretty nice though! download Suzuki F8a Engine Manual. Can anyone ID it for me so I can start locating parts, and maybe a manual?

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Also, I saw in conversation elsewhere that they are supposed to 'float' on the hitch? I dont see how that is possible with this mower? I also need to figure out what to use for a 'debris shield' on the back. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!! It is definitely a Mott heavy duty 72' flail with the ring mount 'Hammer knives'. Alamo bought Mott after the owner(Elmer Mott) died in a crash, landing his airplane on his private airstrip outside Chicago. My dad was very good friends with him and the biggest seller of hydraulic drive, side mount Mott Interstators when they first came out in the 70's.

He sold almost half of the first 100 made. Elmers dad was an engineer at IH when he developed his new mower but IH wasn't interested so he went on his own. It is a very good flail mower. The original flail mower actually. Other makers have copied the blade design after the patents expired. The knives use less power than a comparable rotary mower and are self cleaning.