Nova Biomedical Stat Phox Ultra Manual download free

Posted By admin On 02/05/18

Stat Profile ® pHOx ® Ultra™ One Analyzer, Up to 20 Tests No other blood gas analyzer can match the clinical value of pHOx ® Ultra™ to deliver up to 20 variable critical care tests from one small sample.

No other blood gas analyzer can match the clinical value of pHOx Ultra, which provides up to 20 critical care tests from one small, 210-microliter sample in only 2 minutes. download Suzuki F8a Engine Manual. Other partial test panels are available in less than one minute. Steris Amsco Warming Cabinet Service Manual download free.

Measured tests include: pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2%, Na+, K+, Ca++, Mg++, Cl-, Glucose, BUN/Urea, Creatinine, Lactate, Hct, Hb, O2Hb, HHb, COHb, MetHb, tBil pHOx Ultra can be custom configured with as few as 5 tests to as many as 20 tests on-board to satisfy the exact test menu requirements of each department. However the complete test menu does not have to be run on each sample. Up to 30 specific user-defined subsets (panels) can be created for patient populations such as pulmonary, surgical, pediatric, or emergency care.

Phox Ultra Analyzer Reference Sensor

A new streamlined user interface is very fast and easy to use. The new interface uses graphic icons and clearly labeled buttons for instrument operation.

Color shading and highlighting provide visual prompting through a simple, 3-step operation: 1. Select tests 2. Identify the sample 3. Aspirate the sample Phox Ultra incorporates a large, high-resolution color display. The large format, bright colors, and high resolution provide exceptional viewing, and easy-to-read graphics and data. A standard feature on all Stat Profile pHOx Ultra analyzers is a complete on-board Data Management System, allowing data capture and extensive reporting capabilities including: Storage and retrieval of patient results, patient demographics, QC, and authorized users Data retrieval by name, ID, date, location, or operator Patient, QC, utilization, and operator reports Multiple pHOx Ultra analyzers can be networked together into a single, common database.