Os 91 Fs Engine Manual download free

Posted By admin On 28/04/18

download Iso 22016 Food Safety Management System Manual. Well made little engine which doesn't cost the earth. Early days but started very easily, after 5 seconds or so, after priming and break in was simple.

Os Fs 91 Surpass Parts

Using an old ASP plug and it suits the motor fine but will change to an OS F plug after a few more tanks of fuel as I find that breaking in usually shortens the plug life due to the richer mixture settings. Discarded the choke mechanism and used the extension for the high speed needle valve. Choke system isn't needed unless you start by hand flipping. After 6 tanks of fuel it idles at 2100 rpm easily, doesn't load up even after a couple of minutes, and snaps to 9700 rpm without a hiccup (400 rpm short of max rpm with 14x6 prop). At 113 for a.91 four stroke it looks like a bargain. I'm surprised by the quality of this engine for the money. download free Colorcamm Service Manual.