Power Focus 4000 Manual download

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These are the Tensor ST series tools from Atlas Copco. These high-speed high-torque transducerized tools are made for safety applications where high-productivity and fully traceable results are required. The ST tools are equipped with ergonomic grips, long triggers, lightweight design, four color LEDs and an audible buzzer. The tools output a 100% digital signal for torque and angle, allowing up to a 50m (164ft) ST cable to be used. Having full rundown control from the controller provides excellent error proofing for assembly jobs.

Power Focus 4000 Manual

Accessories such as a bar code reader and program selector can be attached via the built-in connection point on the tools. download 2001 Polaris 550 Super Sport Manual on this page. ETV ST right angle models feature a torque range of 1 – 4,000 Nm (0.7 – 2950.2 ft lbs) at speeds up to 2,390 RPM. The ultra-compact one piece angle head can fit into narrow awkward spaces and square drive sizes are available from 3/8” up to 3/4'. ETD ST inline models feature a torque range of 1 – 4,000 Nm (0.7 – 2950.2 ft lbs) at speeds up to 2,825 RPM.

Certain models feature a telescopic spindle for fixtured applications with various spline and mounting options. Square drives sizes are available from 1/4' to 1½' and female hex drives as 1/4'. ETP ST pistol grip models feature a torque range of 1 – 20 Nm (0.7 – 14.6 ft lbs) and speeds up to 2,820 RPM. An easy access reverse button allows for quick direction changes and lightweight design make this tool great for low torque precision assembly jobs. Female hex drives are available in 1/4' and 3/8'. The Power Focus 4000 is an advanced process controller with full monitoring functions and internet infrastructure for networking capabilities.

Power Focus Quick Guide. Power Focus 4000 is the electric tool controller replacing the 3100 generation, as the control and monitoring system for Atlas Copco’s.

Two varieties are available; the compact unit which requires a PC connection and ToolsTalk PF software to setup, and the graph unit which can function as a stand-alone unit, act as a programming terminal for other PF units, and has a full color screen. The Power Focus 4000 requires an RBU or Rapid Backup Unit to function. Bronze, Silver and Gold RBU units are available which expand the functions of the unit and back up important programming and network configuration. With a Gold RBU installed users have access to up to 250 P-sets and storage for up to 8 traces, 99 jobs, and 5,000 status and data points. download free Yanmar Marine Engine Installation Manual. Advanced strategies such as yield control, StepSync, Home Position and Snug Gradient are unlocked using the Gold RBU. Plenty of inputs and outputs are available using open protocol serial, open protocol Siemens 3964R serial and Open protocol ethernet. They can be used to attach accessories such as 4 or 8 socket selector tray for easy program selection.