Radiator Install 92 Jeep Cherokee Manual download free

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1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ Pioneer Renix 4.6L I6 AW4 NP231 6' RE Lift 35'x12.5' STT Pros Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 Jeep Cherokee XJ Aluminum Radiator (1989-2001): htt. download free Locomotive Operation Manual. [2e4054] - Radiator Install 92 Jeep Cherokee Manual view and download jeep 1996 grand cherokee service manual online 1996 zj jeep grand cherokee 1996 grand cherokee automobile pdf manual download. Release system pressure before removing radiator cap or drain cock. Fill radiator completely and install pressure cap. Fill reserve/overflow tank to FULL mark.

It's because bigger is better. Not necessarily, but design operating temperature for the AMC242 is 210-215*F. Each psig of pressure above atmospheric elevates the boiling point of the coolant by 3*F (the added antifreeze does nothing - it depresses the freezing point, but that's it thermally.) 16psig added is an extra 48*F - increasing the boiling point of the water from 212*F to 260*F. This increases your safety margin (considering that it's normal to have excursions upwards from design temp of 10-15*F, you want as much room as you can get.) I have managed to depress the operating temperature in my 88 down to 185-190*F, but I wouldn't suggest doing it with OBD-compliant vehicles; OBD will pitch a fit on you.

OBD-I will probably let you depress it 5*F or so - add a bottle of Redline Water Wetter to your coolant to accomplish this. Nota Bene: - With high pressure or high operating temperatures, change your radiator cap every 5-6 years (note the date on the new cap when you install it, using a Sharpie pen or metal stamps.) - Your thermal fan clutch is good for 4-5 years - note the replacement date on it as well. - If you can easily pinch your lower hose closed by hand pressure, you don't have a 'support coil' in it. Most replacements don't, anymore. download Siemens Hipath Analogue Card Installation Manual torrent.

Radiator Install 92 Jeep Cherokee Manual