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Posted By admin On 24/05/18
Vicon Spreader Parts

A reprinted illustrated parts manual with exploded diagrams showing various components a reprint in very good condition click on the image for an.

Just my two pennorth. Firstly all previous advice has been good but I always do fields twice, crossing it the second time. And have it on a very low setting. Sorry Jim but grass seeds are so temperamental I have never relied on the Vicon charts, to a large degree it depends on the mixture. Harley Davidson Touring Models 2007 Owners Manual download free here.

Certainly if there is clover in the mix that will run faster than ryegrass or cocksfoot. And I never put more than a bag (usually an acre) in at once. The action of the pendulum will tend to separate the seeds into the different types. And now for something quite bizarre. If I can, and if the shape/incline of the field allows it, I always spread when there is some wind. I work diagonally to the wind and that tends to spread the seed better. Gujarat Police Manual download free. Not a gale of course but a gentle breeze.

But the most important thing is do it twice. You'll probably find some seeds get out even with it shut off so don't stop with it running. They all vary a bit as do flowing characteristics with seed or fertiliser. Speed will depend of how smooth and level the field is, if you have to change gear to go up a steep bit there are complications. Probably you'd want it set on 18 or less. With grass seeds they don't fly far and about a tractor width between each pass is the maximum. With a squarish field you should soon get an idea if things are going to plan and adjust accordingly.