Honda Crf 2015 Manual download

Posted By admin On 22/05/18

Feature The CRF450R PGM-FI system has built-in correction for changes in air temperature and barometric pressure. The HRC PGM-FI Setting Tool allows the riders even more control over fuel delivery and ignition timing by parameters of throttle opening and engine speed, to suit the riders' specific needs. Programming the PGM-FI is simple, requiring just a laptop computer. Savage Model 99c Series A Owners Manual download. Changes to the fuel and ignition timing settings are entered on the laptop and then downloaded to the PGM-FI unit by serial USB interface. Difference from the former model In a 2015 model, an engine mode selection button is adopted and it can change to three modes ( standard and smooth, aggressive power modes.) If HRC PGM-FI setting tool is used, the setting in the 2 modes (smooth and aggressive) can be changed. New software The software for the setting tool becomes Windows8.1 correspondence (Ver1.1), so that it is applicable to other HRC bikes. 2016 Duramax Diesel Supplement Manual download more.

Honda Crf 2015 Manual